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Bring A Tranquil Slice of Nature Into Your Backyard with Wild Birds

A recent study in the Ecological Economics found that birds bring joy and happiness to our lives.  Listening to birds chirp and watching them fly about brings relaxation and tranquility to your backyard oasis.  Below are some easy ways to lure wild birds into your backyard, garden room. 

The best way to attract birds is to create feeding areas.  Your feeder should be placed in the safest space for the birds while at the same time allowing you to view it year-round.

Begin with 3 or 4 different feeder types placed at different levels.  The more feeders that you have, the more birds you will attract.  

Buy Quality Feed

First off, buy quality feed, not the cheap feed most often sold at large, big box stores. Black Oil Sunflower seed is an excellent place to begin and will attract a variety of songbirds, including Blue Jays, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and chickadees.

Add a variety of seeds and berries to appeal to the widest array of wild birds. Smaller seeds like nyjer or millet will attract different species, like nuthatches and finches.  Suet Cakes are also an excellent choice that many birds will make use of, especially those that need high-energy food that is easily digestible like woodpeckers, chickadees, and wrens. Many birds enjoy such treats as peanuts, nuts, and nectar in addition to seeds.

Location, Location, Location

Different types of birds like their own, unique habitat.  Try putting the feeders in a variety of different areas to them. 

Birds like Cardinals can be shy and like some form of natural cover like a large shrub or bush.  Try placing feeders near these types of covers to give them the protection that they need.

Bird Baths

Birds need water, so install a bird bath to entice more birds to your yard.  Install a misters or a dripper in your bird bath to give the sound of moving water.  Most wild birds are curious and will come to investigate.  If funds and resourses  permit, consider adding a larger feature, such as a waterfall or pond, to attract even more birds.

Because a single water source will become crowded, consider multiple water areas or several bird baths to attract more birds. This way, you can create different water environments, like static, moving, or even misting, to appeal to different species. 

Add Color

Birds are naturally attracted to bright colors and are one of the few animals that see in color.  They rely on color to everything from attracting a mate to hiding from predators.

Design an enchanting garden using color to attract birds. Red is especially good for attracting hummingbirds.  Orange and yellow have been known to attract Orioles and Goldfinches.  Choose feeders in bright colors to entice the different type of birds.  

Generally, birds are attracted to their own color.  For example, adding blue items into your yard, either through feeders or other decorative items, will attract Blue Jays and other blue birds.   Add vibrant color to your yard either by natural plantings or decorative items like feeders or nesting boxes.

Entice Birds with Plantings

Plant the right plants to lure birds to your yard.   Native plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers will not only be most beneficial to the local climate, tey will provide a familiar place for your feathered friends. 

A variety of plants to fill different needs and will give you the best chance at enticing birds into your yard. Seed-producing flowers and plants are a good food source, while thorny bushes like hawthorn or raspberry offer beneficial nesting sites. Evergreens and berry-producing shrubs are also p ideal for creating the perfect backyard birdscape. 

Squirrel-proof Bird Feeders

Squirrels can quickly create a hostile takeover of bird feeders and they have  voracious appetites for bird seed.  Because of their athletic ability, they present quite the challenge for backyard bird watchers.

There are many options when buying a squirrel proof feeder.  There are weight-balanced options to throw the squirrel off, while others may use a barrier such as a wire mesh between the food and the squirrel other animal.  Another option is to install a baffle on your feeder pole or using homemade remedy like bacon grease on the pole to prevent the squirrel from getting enough grip to make it to the feeder. 

This method, while somewhat rudimentary, has the added bonus of being entertaining watching the squirrels try to figure out why they can’t make it up the pole and slowly sliding back down. Of course, feeder location also plays a critical role. The more easily accessible to squirrels, the more likely you will be to wage war on these inquisitive rodents.


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