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How to Create a Romantic and Whimsical Garden Room

Gardens and gardeners are as different and diverse as any group of people you'll find.  Some like the rustic look, some the farmhouse look and some like a minimalist, contemporary look.  I have a problem choosing and sticking with one garden "theme" because I find beauty in all the different types of garden decor from Urban Farmhouse rustic to Mid-Century modern.  But, I've settled on a romantic, whimsical garden look because I particularly like twinkly white fairy lights, moss covered statues, urns and the sounds of wind chimes in the breeze. If you're an introverted, romantic soul like me, then this post might help with your quest for your own Enchanted Garden "Room."

A Hidden Entrance

If you can't actually make a physical wall with a gate into your romantic garden, create the illusion of privacy with large potted plants, gauzy drapes or a recycled pallet with vines growing on it. 

Follow the Softly Lite Path

Create a winding path adorned with several solar stepping stones or pretty, solar garden stakes to light the way.  Along the way, add a few surprises tucked into the plantings to add interest like a small forest fairy or a rustic bench to sit upon and reflect.  As the garden is explored, a sense of mystery and wonder is results.

Add Vintage Style Elements

For romance and whimsy, add decor items like Victorian birdhouses, faux rusty planters and fountains or bird baths

Lighting Sets the Mood

Twinkling fairy lights or soft, flickering candlelight from a Moroccan lantern sets the mood for romance. Real candles are the most romantic, but the new LED candles work well also.


Plants can be in used in unique containers on tabletops, placed on the porch or patio or hung from the pergola beams if you have one or planted in the ground.  Plants add mystery, depth and scent and also attract birds.  Rosemary, honeysuckle, jasmine or lavender all have wonderful emit wonderful smells.  Another idea for the romantic garden is the rose-covered trellis.  Butterflies are attracted to a variety of plants including these:  Alyssum, Aster, Bee balm, Butterfly bush, Calendula, Cosmos, Daylilly and Delphinium.  Check your climate zone to see which plants work best for you.


If you can arrange it, have a small pond installed near your garden to listen to tranquil sounds of water.  A fountain will also work.

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