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Inside Outside Home & Garden Trends For 2021

Inside Outside

Most trends usually begin in Europe, then we get them here in the US the following year.  Last year, the Inside Outside trend was massive in the UK, so it’s expected that 2021 will be no different there and it will be headed our way this year in time for summer entertaining.  So, what is the Inside Outside trend? It’s where you bring interior decor into your outside space to make it more comfortable, usable and decorative.  Think mirrors, paintings, throw pillows, rugs, floor cushions, warm lighting and IKEA type furniture. The inside outside trend also allows you to create new spaces outside, like an outdoor garden theater, a garden kitchen or a garden bar with unique drinkware for your new space!


Adding plants and greenery to your interior helps to soften the space and also greatly improves the mood of the room. Go GREEN and choose real plants instead of artificial ones because they are mood boosters and are also beneficial to the environment, releasing oxygen into your living space . Plants have a calming effect, proving to be great for your physical and mental well being.

To add variety and interest to the room, add different size and shape plants to your garden room to bring the outside in. Include hanging plants, large leaf potted plants, grasses and succulents to your space. Plant stands, urns and containers are another great way to add, color, mood and interest to your interior decor.


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