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What is a Garden Room?

Garden rooms can include a wide variety of structures.  In the UK, where they are extremely popular, garden rooms are usually a stand-alone building in your garden that can be used for a personal retreat to do hobbies, read or just relax.  They can be large and lavish and used for entertaining.  Here in the US, they're usually attached to your home like a sunroom or conservatory.  In the southeast or the west, where the temperatures are mild, garden rooms, can be outdoor patio rooms.  But, all garden rooms have one thing in common, whether they're a stand alone structure or attached to the home, they're places where you can grow plants and bring the outdoors in or the indoors out.  A garden room brings a sense of peace and tranquility to an otherwise hectic lifestyle. 

A garden room can be anything. It can be your own private retreat, where you get away from the worries of everyday chores, or a large area for family gatherings.  Make your garden room whatever is best for your lifestyle, a personalized office, guest house, studio, spa, gym, summer house by the pool, eco-friendly pod, or simply a quiet space to unwind.

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