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Northern Lights by Visually Impaired Florida Highwaymen STYLE artist, Rochelle

Northern Lights by Florida Highwaymen STYLE artist, Rochelle

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Northern Lights
16 x 20
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Hi, my name is Rochelle and I create Highwaymen style paintings of the bygone days of tropical Florida. My art is inspired by the group of African-American artists known collectively as the Florida Highwaymen. Even though I have a significant visual impairment and only have about 30% of my vision left, because of my impressionistic painting style and frequent use of bright, vibrant colors, I feel that I'm able to bring emotion and depth to my paintings. Thank you for looking!

This painting, Northern Lights was inspired by our time living in northern Minnesota where the sky would light up with vibrant colors of the rainbow.